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My office’s services are a public resource for constituents in our community, so please feel free to let my staff know how we can help you. Contact us if you are having problems with Social Security, Medicare, veterans or military affairs, immigration, passports, or other issues involving the federal government. My office is here to help constituents cut through the red tape, solve problems, and answer any questions about your casework.

There are multiple ways you can engage with our office, whether by email (, fax (771-200-5813), phone, or postal mail. If the issue is time sensitive, please follow up with our district office in Seattle, WA by calling (206) 674-0040.

If you are NOT a resident of the Seventh Congressional District, please contact your representative. You can find your representative here. We will forward requests from residents of other districts to their representatives, but that may delay a response to your inquiry.

Agency assistance is a two-step process:

FIRST, click the link below to fill out the privacy act waiver form to contact our office. Please provide all contact information, any relevant identification or case numbers, and as much relevant information as possible so that we may quickly respond to your request.

SECOND, the Federal Privacy Act requires us to have your permission before we contact government agencies on your behalf or discuss your case in detail. Digital signatures are accepted and you will be prompted to sign at the end of the form.

For immigration-related casework, please fill out our Immigration Casework Privacy Act Waiver form.

Online Privacy Release Form
(Please note that this link is not for immigration/USCIS-related casework)

If you are unable to access the link above, you can download the Privacy Act Release Form.

Because federal agency inquiries are initiated from my District Office, if you are not able to use the online form, please e-mail, fax, or mail your form and documentation to:

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal
2033 6th Ave, Suite 1011
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: (206) 674-0040
Fax: 771-200-5813

When we receive your completed form, we will open a case file and keep you informed of our progress.

Do not submit a form if:

Your issue is legislative. For example: support/opposition of federal laws, a particular bill, and/or legislation. You can express your opinions on issues or matters before Congress by emailing the Congresswoman through the Contact Me tab on this website.

Your issue involves a State/County/City concern. For example: issues dealing with the Washington State Employment Security Department, Washington State Child Support (DSHS), local law enforcement, local property taxes, issues before the Washington State Legislature, and any matter before the Courts or within the Judiciary Branch of government.

You have a congressional inquiry open with another office regarding this issue.