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Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June 2022, abortion laws and access to care have varied substantially from state to state. Washington has taken steps to safeguard abortion rights and access during that time, including as recently as April 2023, when Governor Inslee signed a series of bills into law to expand abortion access, safeguard patients who travel from out-of-state, and protect reproductive health care data. In Washington, abortion and contraception are safe, legal, and accessible.

As we face an unprecedented reproductive health care crisis nationwide, I am here with you and for you. I know that abortion care is health care. Reproductive rights are human rights, and you and all Washingtonians deserve the freedom to make your own medical decisions — including about abortion.

Please review the resources below for information on knowing your rights, understanding Congressional action to advance reproductive freedom, and accessing care in Washington.

Know Your Rights & Access Care

On a national, state, and local level, you have rights, and you have options for access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion care. Do you have questions about those rights and options? See the relevant resources below.

Federal: Biden Administration

National Rights & Resources

  • Department of Health and Human Services Reproductive Rights Resource Website HERE
  • Department of Justice Reproductive Rights Task Force Information HERE
  • Department of Education Title IX Fact Sheet HERE
  • Department of Defense
    • Military Health System
      • Reproductive Health Care Resources HERE
      • Reproductive Health Q&A HERE
    • Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness
      • Updated Reproductive Care Policies HERE
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Reproductive Health Information HERE
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Pregnancy Discrimination Information HERE
  • Department of Homeland Security
    • Immigration and Customs Enforcement
      • Medical Care Standards HERE

Reproductive Health Care Coverage

  • Department of Health and Human Services
    • Office of Secretary Xavier Becerra
      • HHS, Labor & Treasury Joint Guidance on Birth Control Coverage HERE
    • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
      • Revised Emergency Abortion Coverage Policies HERE
      • Medicare Abortion Coverage Policies HERE
  • Department of Defense
    • Defense Health Agency
      • TRICARE Reproductive Health Coverage Policies HERE
  • Health Insurance Marketplace
    • Abortion Information HERE
    • Birth Control Information HERE
  • Department of Labor
    • Employer-Based Health Benefits ‘Ask EBSA’ Hotline Information HERE

Family Planning Resources

  • Department of Health and Human Services
    • Office of Population Affairs
      • Adolescent Health & Family Planning Resources HERE
      • Title X Program
        • 2021 Updated Rule HERE
        • Clinic Finder HERE
        • Resources for Grantees HERE

Washington State Agencies

  • WA Department of Health
    • Sexual and Reproductive Health Information HERE
      • Abortion Information HERE
      • Birth Control and Emergency Contraception Information HERE
      • Resources for Clinicians HERE
    • Women’s Health Resources HERE
    • Adolescent & Young Adult Resources HERE
    • Hospital Reproductive Health Policy Information HERE
    • Pregnancy and Abortion Data HERE
  • WA Office of the Insurance Commissioner
    • Women’s Health Insurance Rights HERE
    • Coverage for Abortion Services Information HERE
    • Reproductive and Birth Control Health Rights HERE
  • WA Health Care Authority
    • Abortion Services Information HERE
    • Family Planning Program Information HERE
    • Pregnancy Services Information HERE
  • WA Office of the Attorney General
    • Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Care Protections HERE
    • Reproductive Rights Legal Assistance Alert HERE
    • IVF Consumer Alert HERE
    • Health Care Rights Information for Immigrants HERE
  • WA Office of the Governor
    • Abortion Directives HERE
    • Bill Actions
      • Abortion Actions HERE
      • Reproductive Health Care Actions HERE
  • WA State Board of Education Health & Physical Education Standards HERE
  • WA Secretary of State Address Confidentiality Program Information HERE
  • WA Medical Commission Regulation of Health Professionals and Abortions FAQ HERE
  • WA Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Women Veterans Information HERE
    • Federal VA Benefits Information HERE
  • WA Department of Corrections Health Services HERE
  • UW Medicine
    • Women’s Health Information HERE
    • Reproductive Health Services HERE
    • Pregnancy and Postpartum Services HERE
    • Find a Provider
      • Complex Family Planning Providers HERE
      • Gynecology Providers HERE

Still Need More Assistance?

My offices and team are here to help you and answer your questions.

For assistance with Washington State agencies, use this contact form or call 360-902-4111.

To contact my office with questions about federal agencies, policies, or anything else, call 202-225-3106.