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Since coming to Congress in 2017, I have been fighting for more infrastructure funding so we can repair our community’s roads, transportation systems, and bridges. I was proud to help pass the Moving Forward Act, which is a deeply necessary investment in our country’s infrastructure that authorizes more than $494 billion for highways and bridges, public transit agencies, freight and passenger rail, and vehicular safety. This is a 46 percent increase in funding over current levels. This legislation also includes $28 billion in investments for bridges. Additionally, I called for a significant increase to the BUILD Grant program—with the final bill nearly doubling the funding available. Washington State would be expected to receive an estimated $4.89 billion in federal highway funds and $2.03 billion in federal transit funds.

However, there is more work to be done. This report features ongoing transportation and infrastructure priorities for our congressional district and represents the breadth of needs across our communities as identified and developed by our local governments, transit and transportation organizations, and other agencies.

While some of these projects have already received federal funding, others are not yet at the stage of development where they become eligible. However, all of these projects demonstrate the need to maintain, renew, and invest in infrastructure. Given the magnitude of investment required to bring these necessary projects to completion, the federal government must be a partner with our local governments and agencies. I will continue fighting to make that happen.

To read this year’s infrastructure report, click here.

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