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Jayapal and Colleagues Urge Biden Administration to Reduce Emissions Along Key Freight Corridors

WASHINGTON D.C.Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (WA-07) and Reps. Doris Matsui (CA-07), Robert Garcia (CA-42), Sylvia Garcia (TX-29), Mike Quigley (IL-05), and Pramila Jayapal (WA-07) led a group of 20 lawmakers in a letter to senior White House officials, urging them to swiftly finalize a strong heavy-duty vehicle emissions rule and make strategic investments in charging and fueling infrastructure for zero-emission trucks along key freight corridors. 

The transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, making up 29 percent of all emissions. Within the transportation sector, heavy-duty vehicles are the second-largest contributor, at 23 percent. A substantial portion of heavy-duty vehicle emissions come from high trafficked key freight corridors, including Los Angeles-Sacramento-Portland-Seattle, San Francisco-Reno, Chicago-Denver, and Houston-Dallas-Austin-San Antonio.

“As representatives of districts located along these freight corridors, we strongly support decarbonizing heavy-duty trucking and stand ready to work with the Administration to ensure investments in charging and fueling infrastructure in our districts are aligned with meeting the decarbonization targets required by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) proposed Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards for Heavy Duty Vehicles,” wrote the lawmakers.

The devastating effects of air pollution from heavy-duty trucks disproportionately fall on low-income communities and communities of color. These key investments in charging and fueling infrastructure would help meet nationwide heavy-duty vehicle emission standards while creating good-paying jobs and alleviating negative health impacts in these communities.

“Addressing transportation pollution is a climate issue, a public health issue, and an environmental justice issue,” said Maisy Deans, Government Affairs Advocate at Evergreen Action. “To tackle the challenge of transportation pollution, the EPA must finalize a strong clean trucks standard and the federal government must make strategic investments in decarbonization. Evergreen, our allies, and leaders on the Hill have identified the need for a clear strategy to target investments that drive us forward. Rep. Matsui and the 19 other Congressional leaders on this letter are right to call for a data-backed, targeted approach to build charging and fueling infrastructure in priority freight corridors and to raise their hands to bring jobs and projects to the key corridors in their districts – which will benefit the whole country. A strong clean trucks standard will improve health outcomes and create jobs in the communities along these corridors and across America.”

As co-chair of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition (SEEC), Congresswoman Matsui has long been a champion of bold climate action and the adoption of ambitious vehicle emission standards. Last September, Congresswoman Matsui, Reps. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y) and Nanette Barragán (D-CA), and Senators Alex Padilla (D-CA), Ed Markey (D-MA), Tom Carper (D-DE), and Martin Heinrich (D-NM) led a letter urging EPA to finalize the strongest heavy-duty vehicle emission standards. Last July, Matsui, Clarke, Markey and Padilla also led 91 colleagues in urging the EPA to finalize the strongest emission standards for light- and medium-duty vehicles.

The full letter is available HERE.