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[WASHINGTON, DC] – U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal (WA-07), a member of the House Judiciary Committee and Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, today issued the following statement after the Senate voted to acquit President Trump after the House voted to impeach him for abuse of power and obstruction of justice:

“Instead of showing courage, all but one Republican senator today exemplified cowardice. In putting party and politics over country and Constitution, Republicans drove a stake in the heart of our democracy.

The case for convicting and removing President Trump was overwhelming and irrefutable: President Trump endangered the sanctity of our elections by inviting foreign interference in our most sacred democratic institution. He betrayed our national security, violated the sacred trust of the American people, and threatened the very future of our democracy. At every turn, the President and his Administration obstructed the House—refusing to turn over even a single document or provide even a single witness.

In spite of this unprecedented obstruction, the House did its job and Donald Trump will forever be an impeached president.

Since the House impeached President Trump, more and more damning information about the President’s abuse of power has come to light. Instead of pursuing the full truth, Senate Republicans eagerly enlisted themselves to be President Trump’s co-conspirators—covering up the President’s misconduct without even caring to find out the extent of his misconduct. It is a disgrace that Mitch McConnell refused to give the American people what they deserve and what the Constitution demands: a fair trial with witnesses and impartial justice.

President Trump will be held accountable one way or another—whether through the courts or the ballot box—and the American people and history will not forget the Republicans’ cowardice.”

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