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[SEATTLE, WA] Ahead of her first town hall in 2020, U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal (WA-07) today released the “2019 Year in Review Casework Report.” Since taking office in January 2017, Jayapal and her office has helped more than 1,107 constituents in the Seventh Congressional District, saving them more than $3.89 million in recovered benefits, backpay, and other savings. The report highlights some of these constituent stories. A copy of the full report can be found here.

Jayapal’s district office is focused on helping constituents cut through the red tape, solve problems and answer any questions. Constituents in need of assistance are encouraged to contact the Seattle office by calling 206-674-0040 or going to Jayapal’s website at

“Serving my constituents is the most crucial part of the work that I do in Congress,” said Jayapal.

Testimonial One

A constituent living with multiple disabilities, including epilepsy, a brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder was cut off from the Social Security Disability Income that she relied upon without explanation. The denial letters

claimed that she had not submitted her pay slips, even though she had. The constituent made many rounds of frustrating calls and in-person visits to several government offices to resolve the issue, to no avail. She walked into Representative Jayapal’s district office and was able to get reinstated on the disability payments she needed.

“This experience has been frightening, threatening, and has also exasperated my disabilities which negatively affects my health and ability to function. I am very grateful for the help of the Seattle office of Congressmember Pramila Jayapal in assisting me with being re-instated on SSDI, after the Social Administration cut me off due to their own error,” said the constituent.

Testimonial Two

Chanel, a 28-year-old constituent, was laid off from her job and trying to manage an autoimmune disease requiring expensive feeding tube supplies at the same time. Unfortunately, there was a gap between when Chanel former employers’ insurance ended and when she could begin receiving health care through Medicare and Disability payment through her local Social Security Office. Representative Jayapal’s district office was able to help by expediting requests to these offices and was able to swiftly secure the aid that had been promised to Chanel so she could afford life-sustaining treatments.

“With the impending loss of my former employers’ insurance, and the lag during my Medicare reinstatement, I would’ve been left without my life-sustaining treatments and feeding tube supplies. Within 24 hours, Representative Jayapal and her dedicated team resolved the issues I was unsuccessful in resolving after months of fervent phone calls, letters, and visits to my local Social Security Office. The Congresswoman and her team went above and beyond to ensure a member of their community received the basic human right of health care,” said Chanel.

Testimonial Three

Louie is an entrepreneur with a successful media business currently operating mostly out of Dallas. However, he has plans to bring his business back home to Washington state. Within days of contacting Representative Jayapal, he secured a $2.2 million Small Business Administration credit to help him expand his business.

“Without your office’s direct involvement, the funding process could have been delayed for several months; and would have negatively impacted the launch of our media network. I am grateful that you and your staff took the time to advocate for me and my company, which resulted in a successful outcome. Thank you again for your prompt and effective assistance,” said Louie.

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