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Jayapal Pays Tribute to Washington House Speaker Frank Chopp

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Jayapal, formerly a Washington State Senator representing the 37th District, released the following statement regarding State House Speaker Frank Chopp’s decision to step down from leadership next year:

“Frank Chopp has been an invaluable leader for our state. When he steps down as Speaker at the end of this next session, he will leave an indelible mark on our state as one that is fairer and more just for all Washingtonians. As Speaker, Frank was a master strategist, visionary and coalition builder. When I served in the State Senate, Frank was a valued partner and friend. We worked closely together on critical issues, including helping me to establish the first Southeast Economic Opportunity Center in the Rainier Valley, create affordable housing, advance voting rights and humane immigration policy. I want to thank Frank for his courage and commitment over his many years of public service and for the work he will continue to do as Representative for the 43rd District. The next Speaker will have big shoes to fill.”