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Jayapal Responds to Trump’s Disgraceful Comments at Putin Summit

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal released the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin:

“Today, in a disgusting, disturbing and deeply dangerous appearance seen around the world, Donald Trump sided with an authoritarian leader of another country over our own intelligence agencies. He refused to hold the Russian president accountable for anything – from interfering in our elections to the human rights abuses of Russian citizens. He repeatedly advanced the interests of another country over the one that he is supposed to represent.  

“I have always believed in diplomacy and dialogue, even with those with whom we have the greatest tensions. However, what we saw today was the President of the United States belittling our country’s own men and women in the intelligence community, refusing to acknowledge or hold accountable Putin for Russian hacking in our elections, and standing in the most servile way next to Putin, advancing Russia’s interests in spite of what that means for America. In refusing to raise any of the critical issues that lie between our countries and essentially endorsing Putin and what he stands for, Trump has left the American people wondering who this president really represents. Even more, with Trump’s refusal to accept the facts of Russian interference in our elections, he essentially invites Russia and other foreign powers to continue to attack our next elections.

“What is it that Vladimir Putin has on Donald Trump and how will he use that information? What was said behind closed doors in the meeting with Trump and Putin, with no witnesses there? These are the questions that every American should be asking, and that every patriot must raise. Today’s press conference was a new low in this administration’s behavior. Trump showed himself as not just naive, but dangerous for the security of our country. Today, Trump disgraced himself and our country.

“This is no time for my GOP colleagues to sit back. Too much is at stake, and we must have more than talk. We need action. We need hearings, we need real money invested in protecting our election security and we need the attacks on the Mueller investigation to stop. My GOP colleagues must stop shirking their responsibility to protect our Constitution and our country, and stand up to this President. The future of our country is at stake.”