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Rep. Jayapal Statement on Trump Administration’s Latest Attack on Women’s Health

SEATTLE – Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal released the following statement today in response to the Trump administration’s move allowing employers to deny women birth control coverage based on “moral objections.”

“With every policy reversal, the Trump administration is taking this country back to the days when women had no rights. This latest attack means employers can deny birth control coverage to millions. Countless women in this country use birth control and this is an insult to every single one of them.

“Birth control is not only health care – it is a lifeline. When a woman has the ability to decide if and when she wants to have children, doors open to education and economic stability. Every woman has the right to comprehensive health care, including contraceptive care. Employers must not be allowed to dictate what women do with their own bodies – but that is what this unconscionable rule change allows.

“This Republican war on women will not go unchecked. We will resist in the streets, in the courts and in Congress until they accept – once and for all – that women are not be messed with.”