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Rep. Jayapal Decries President Trump’s Immigration Crackdown

WASHINGTON DC – Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal strongly condemned President Trump’s executive order cracking down on immigrants today:

“President Trump is moving forward with his divisive, smoke and mirrors campaign pledges that do absolutely nothing to solve the real immigration issues at hand. He has doubled down on his agenda that pits mother against mother, neighbor against neighbor, tearing up the fabric of our communities.

“He won the election in part by demonizing immigrants. Unfortunately, he seems unable to think beyond Breitbart or Fox News style rhetoric. We must take on enacting comprehensive and humane reform of our broken immigration system – to support our economy, our communities and our families – but the president offers zero leadership in this area.

“Instead of building walls, we should address the underlying systemic issues that drive immigration and fix our own outdated immigration system. Instead of banning refugees and people based on their religion, we should welcome them with open arms. Whether they are escaping harsh economic conditions, fleeing war and violence, or simply looking for a better life for their children – as a world superpower it is our moral responsibility to provide a sanctuary to all who need it most.

“This attack on immigrant families underlies the need for comprehensive immigration reform. I stand ready and willing to work with anyone to enact this long overdue fix to our broken immigration system.”