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Jayapal Statement on H.Res.1143 Vote

WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal (WA-07) released the following statement on her “no” vote on H.Res 1143:

“Iran’s attack on Israel was a dangerous escalation in what could quickly turn into a larger regional war. I condemned the attack by Iran, as well as the precipitating hostilities that led to the attack, and I called for immediate de-escalation to reduce the threat of these actions widening into a larger regional conflict. I also supported President Biden’s actions, along with allies, in thwarting the Iranian attack and defending Israel against those threats. 

“I voted no on this resolution because I am concerned that it further escalates the situation at exactly the time that we need to do the opposite. It does not mention the precipitating strike on the Iranian embassy by Israel that led to this attack. It ‘fully supports’ further offensive action by Israel and calls for continued arms sales to Israel. It makes no distinction between aid to Israel for defensive purposes—such as the Iron Dome funding or against threats from Hezbollah and Iran—versus aid to Israel for offensive strikes against innocent civilians in Gaza. While I continue to support defensive aid to Israel, I have been clear that I cannot support offensive military aid to Israel with no strings attached while the Netanyahu government continues to kill innocent civilians in Gaza — both through military action and the blocking of humanitarian aid leading to famine.

“This is a time to de-escalate the conflict, not promote retaliatory violence, and I appreciate President Biden’s leadership on this issue. It is also of the utmost importance to achieve an immediate ceasefire to end the killing of innocents, return the hostages, and create a path for peace and security in the region. That is where our focus must be in this moment.”