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Jayapal to Serve on the House Judiciary Committee

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal was appointed to the powerful House Judiciary Committee for the 115th Congress. As a member of this committee, Jayapal will play a key role in fighting for comprehensive immigration reform and protecting our civil rights and civil liberties.

“I couldn’t be prouder to be appointed to the House Judiciary Committee. I look forward to bringing my passion and experience to immigration reform, real criminal justice reform, women’s reproductive rights, voting rights, and civil liberties,

“After 9/11, I led the fight against the Bush administration and civil liberties abuses of Arabs and Muslims, successfully suing the administration and stopping the deportations of over 4,000 Muslims across our country,

“I’m proud to have led efforts for some of the most progressive immigration policies in the nation, including pushing for comprehensive and humane immigration reform, passing the DREAM Act, promoting citizenship and preserving drivers’ licenses for all. I have also been a leader on voting rights, shepherding the largest voter registration drive in Washington state and registering over 23,000 New Americans to vote, as well as leading the push in the State Senate for the Washington Voting Rights Act and Automatic Voter Registration,

“In the 115th Congress, I pledge to fight for our progressive values, and block the Trump administration’s plans to deport vulnerable undocumented immigrants, create a Muslim registry and violate our civil rights and civil liberties,” said Rep. Jayapal.